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The TransMax® integrates our patented Harmonic Suppression System (HSS®) technology with a DOE-2016 high efficiency rated transformer.  TransMax with HSS blocks the flow of 3rd harmonic current in the entire transformer secondary.  This includes all the phases and the neutral.  TransMax restores phase capacity “stolen” by harmonic currents and eliminates the necessity for double neutrals in systems with a high concentration of non-linear loads.  With TransMax there is no need to oversize transformers and switchgear.

With reduced harmonic currents, transformers operate at lower temperatures and energy consumption (kW) is reduced.  The energy savings are sustained for the life of the transformer, yield an attractive ROI and may help buildings qualify for LEED points.


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Among the many purchasers of the TransMax are HSBC and UBS, both for multiple locations of their institutions, ESPN, Fox News and the State of California Insurance Fund for numerous branches.

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