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The SysteMax® is the only product available on the market today containing third harmonic suppression technology which can be easily retrofitted into existing transformer applications. Its patented Harmonic Suppression System (HSS®) uniquely prevents the activation of the damaging 3rd harmonic current typically generated by non-linear computer loads, thereby enabling the existing transformer to achieve optimum rated performance, capture wasted capacity and yield significant and sustainable energy savings over the life of the system.

Added benefits include less heat, increased reliability and lower associated operating costs throughout the installation, particularly in 24×7 environments and with a compelling ROI. Further, the SysteMax produces lower carbon emissions reducing the impact on the environment and, in many cases, contributing to LEED project objectives. Among the many repeat customers of the SysteMax are the Gwinnett County (Atlanta, GA) Public Schools, the University of Nevada at Reno,the IDEA (Brownsville, Mission and McAllen, TX) Public Schools, Fox News (new York, NY) and Stations Casino (Las Vegas, NV). For these institutions, there was no need to install larger transformers with new, larger and more expensive equipment;  they simply upgraded their distribution equipment with the SysteMax HSS technology and reaped the benefits!



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