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Harmonics Limited has re-introduced a new passive, tuned Harmonic Suppression System (HSS®) for generators, called the GenMax. The GenMax  addresses the issue which arises when multiple generators are paralleled and a small difference in winding pitch occurs among them. This produces differences in 3rd harmonic voltage for each generator and results in a flow of harmonic currents in the grounding systems. The GenMax blocks the flow of 3rd harmonic ground current while still maintaining ground continuity at 60 Hz.

In wye-configured generators, the common is connected to the generator frame and an earth ground. Where there are slight differences in the pitch of the paralleled generators, the wires providing this connection can be forced to carry many hundreds of amperes of 3rd harmonic current. If there is a ground fault shunt-trip breaker protecting the generator, it will open long before the generator can reach full capacity thereby limiting full utilization of the generator capacity. With the GenMax in the system, the damaging 3rd harmonic current is minimized and the generators can now be loaded to full capacity.


This new application of Harmonic Limited’s HSS technology allows generators with differences in winding pitch to operate at full capacity by reducing circulating 3rd harmonic ground current to only a few amperes.

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