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Other Power Quality Products

Our product offering includes general purpose, K-rated and HMT (harmonic mitigating zig-zag design) transformers. All transformers are standard for energy efficiency and are manufactured to NEMA, ANSI, UL and CSA Standards. NEMA 3R heat cured powder coat finish enclosure, 220°C insulation class.

HMT – Harmonic Mitigating Transformers address the issue of harmonic currents by cancelling them in the transformer secondary thereby preventing them from reaching the primary. They are designed to hold voltage distortion to less than 5% THDv at the loads and are energy efficient when powering non-linear loads.

Non-Linear Three Phase Transformers (K-rated) are designed to meet the load demands of modern electronic equipment. These loads cause severe overheating in general purpose distribution transformers. K-rated transformers allow for safe operation in high non-linear load environments.



See our HMT sales sheet.

Our Full Line Sales Sheet is here.


Retrofit existing transformers for immediate energy and cost savings. Go to the SysteMax page.

Build Harmonic Suppression Technology into new installations for full capacity at less cost. Go to the page.

Harmonic Suppression Technology for parallel generator applications. More GenMax info here.

Harmonics offers a full line of transformers within the 600 volt class.

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