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Build HSS® into new installations for full capacity at less cost.


Retrofit existing transformers for immediate energy and cost savings.


Harmonic Suppression Technology for parallel generator applications.


Harmonics Limited offers a full line of transformers within the 600 volt class.

Our Products

Multiple transformer-based solutions to reduce energy consumption and improve power quality in distribution systems. The Harmonics Limited family of products contains a variety of technologies, each uniquely designed to address power quality problems caused by harmonic distortion.

Obtain Significant ROI On Both Existing And New Transformers

HSS® technology can be retrofitted in existing buildings to realize substantial energy savings or can be installed in new power distribution systems for long term gains in quality, reliability and performance while achieving reduced environmental impact and significant energy savings.

Our Harmonic Mitigation Systems Have Helped Innumerable Companies in a Wide Variety of Industries To:

  • Reduce energy costs dramatically
  • Improve quality and reliability in 24×7 mission applications
  • Restore wasted capacity
  • Achieve greater total system efficiency
  • Lower total costs of operation
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Realize greater return on capital investment

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