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Harmonic Suppression is particularly important to industries that need power reliability and where technology equipment pulls large amounts of energy. We can help you design and implement a system that solves problems and ensures consistent and reliable power.

How high technology companies can save money, ensure reliability and reduce downtime!

High technology firms virtually run on computers which, in turn, put heavy energy demands on their power distribution systems. Now, thanks to Harmonics Limited’s patented Harmonic Suppression System (HSS®), the damaging 3rd harmonic created by non linear computer loads, never becomes a distribution system problem.  This reduces the risk of overheating and eliminates wasted capacity so the energy becomes more reliable and the transformers are less subject to downtime. Two additional benefits are perhaps even more important: annual energy savings of 4% to 8% per year for the life of the transformer and reduced carbon emissions!

HSS technology can be put to work in both new installations and in existing buildings with operating PDUs. The HL TransMax® is a new transformer with the HSS already integrated thus permitting the installation to save money, prevent extensive downtime and reduce carbon footprint from the start. The SysteMax® can be readily applied to installed, operating transformers and will create immediate energy savings, lower the risk of overheating, restore full capacity to the distribution system and reduce adverse environmental impact. All in all a real win! (A few of the many companies recognizing the value of this technology and already employing it are: Sun Microsystems (CA), Network Appliance (CA), IBM, Raytheon E Systems (TX) and Texas Instruments.)

Improve reliability while increasing capacity with less risk of overheating – all at a lower cost!

Data centers have unique power requirements: they operate 24/7/365 days a year and can’t afford downtime for repairs. They also need a maximum number of computers in a minimal amount of space. Since confined quarters can require air conditioning to remove excess heat, energy costs rise. Moreover, the PDUs involved can be damaged by the 3rd harmonic current which may be created by a non linear computer load and could reduce effective capacity.

Harmonic Limited’s patented Harmonic Suppression System (HSS®) acts to prevent the damaging 3rd harmonic from even occurring, thereby restoring wasted capacity, preventing excess heat and eliminating the need for – and extra cost of – air conditioning. The sum of all these benefits is more reliable energy, significantly less downtime, and reduced energy and operating costs. The added benefit is one of sustainability: with the transformers running cooler, fewer carbon emissions are created!

A Case History

An example of a typical data center is a software development center in California. The multiple computers were supported by ten 150 kVA transformers and the expected UPS and generator backup. While the center had physical space for expanding their operation, the electrical system was near maximum capacity. Most of the transformers were loaded in the 40-50% range and all were extremely hot because of 3rd harmonic dissipation. Air conditioning costs were high. The manager was constantly worried about a failure and shut down because down time was extremely expensive. Being considered were zig-zag transformers and k-rated transformers. However, installation of either would have required replacing the transformers, re-wiring with double neutrals and several weeks of downtime. After investigating all options, the manager elected to install a SysteMax HSS on each of his transformers. Down time was limited to less than an hour per transformer. The results were as expected. Additional capacity became available, transformers ran cooler, and air conditioning costs were reduced.

Patented HSS® technology helps schools and colleges reduce energy costs and improve safety and reliability

The issue of containing costs while spearheading efforts for safety, reliability and a sustainable environment, demands that all schools and colleges continuously monitor and control their use of energy. To this end, a growing number of educational institutions are turning to the patented Harmonic Suppression Technology of Harmonics Limited (HSS). By eliminating the damaging 3rd harmonic currents in computer loaded power distribution systems, the HL SysteMax® and TransMax® products are helping school and college engineers significantly reduce the energy used by their multiple transformers – realizing dollar savings of 4%-8% every year. Then, with less energy used, fewer carbons are emitted and there is less adverse environmental impact.

Yale University recently installed the TransMax when renovating both a classroom building and one of its residential colleges. The TransMax is a new transformer with HSS already embedded to ensure full capacity, reduced carbon emissions and meaningful energy savings every year for the life of the unit. The Brownsville and Mission Texas School Districts are among the secondary institutions which have recently added SysteMax to their distribution systems, realizing a quick and significant return on their investment. As a result, there is less danger of “hot” transformers (thus increasing building safety), no wasted capacity (since the 3rd harmonic is not present), computer grade power which can be more confidently relied upon, and lowered energy costs for the life of the system. The SysteMax is easy to add to non linear loaded transformers which are already in place and operating…. Just wire it in and enjoy the savings!

Patented technology helps hospitals gain low cost reliable energy with minimal down time.

Hospitals today are fighting in every way possible to restrain costs and function efficiently. An important ally in this is our HSS® technology which prevents the damaging (computer generated) 3rd harmonic currents from being created in the electrical distribution system. This 3rd harmonic, which can cause the build up of excess heat, diminish capacity and raise energy costs, is effectively disarmed when either HL’s TransMax®, for new installations, or SysteMax®, for existing buildings, is employed. The SysteMax is the only way, short of purchasing a new, bigger and more expensive transformer; to fully neutralize the potential damages of the 3rd harmonic current and simultaneously save 4% to 8% of annual energy costs…no larger transformer will do this!. Moreover, a SysteMax can be added to existing, operating transformers in less than an hour so there is virtually no downtime!

Many major hospitals are in the process of adopting Harmonics Limited’s patented Harmonic Suppression System (HSS) to enable their  computer laden power distribution systems to function at full rated capacity and at lower energy costs. Among the first to embrace these easy to install systems are The Hospital for Special Care and Stamford Hospital in Connecticut, El Camino Hospital in California, CVPH Medical Center in New York and Mass General in Massachusetts.

Reduce energy costs: gain reliability you can count on.

Today’s entertainment and media companies need to manage operating costs tightly, ensure  ongoing energy reliability and obtain full rated capacity from their power distribution systems, in order to deliver the programs and returns demanded by their many stakeholders. Since the PDUs of these companies are largely computer banks, they can be severely and adversely impacted by the 3rd harmonic current created when a transformer is handling a non linear load generated by computer demand.

The patented Harmonic Suppression System technology (HSS®) of Harmonics Limited prevents this damaging current from occurring when either the TransMax®, for new installations, or the SysteMax®, for currently operating units, is applied. By suppressing this 3rd harmonic, capacity is restored to the full rating of the transformer and the risk of overheating and expensive downtime is minimized, (A SysteMax can be added to a transformer in less than 30 minutes!)  (???)  The savings resulting from these products average between 4% and 8% per year for the life of the transformer  so an attractive ROI is quickly achieved.  An appreciated added benefit is that by reducing the amount of energy needed to operate the transformers, fewer carbons are emitted into the environment.

Among the many companies already employing this patented technology are: NBC, ESPN, FOX News, Time Warner, MTV, CBS and HBO. If these companies can gain computer grade power reliability, significantly reduced operating costs and a smart ROI, shouldn’t you?

Run your data centers with higher reliability, for less money, at lower temperatures and with less risk of overheating!

Financial companies need their data centers to be operating 24×7, 365 days a year. However, due to their heavy computer demands, data center power distribution systems are subject to the damaging 3rd harmonic current which is created by these computers and which can cause substantial downtime.

The traditional response to this problem has been k-rated transformers and double sized neutrals which only serve to waste more energy and mask the problem. Even with k-rated transformers, this 3rd harmonic current wastes capacity, increases the risk of overheating – and thus the chance of extra downtime – and also requires extra energy to deliver the desired power at a cost premium. All in all, a losing proposition!

With Harmonics Limited’s patented HSS® technology, the 3rd harmonic is eliminated from the distribution system, thus recapturing capacity, reducing the risk of overheating of the neutral wire and possible downtime, and saving from 4% to 8% of the annual energy cost of every transformer guarded with HSS. And there is no need of k-rating or extra copper for the neutral, because the problem is now solved. The HL Harmonic Suppression System is available for both new transformers (the TransMax® for new construction) and for transformers already operating in existing buildings (the SysteMax®). The TransMax arrives already embedded in a new Harmonics Limited transformer while the SysteMax is easy to install as it requires only 30 minutes to be connected to existing transformers. Moreover, the energy saved means that fewer carbons are emitted into the atmosphere, thus extending sustainability. The ROI for these installations is typically just 12-18 months.

Major financial institutions all across the country have installed our HSS technology, including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, HSBC, UBS MetLife and The Hartford, just to name a few. In brief, these organizations have all adopted a 21st century solution to an age old problem!

For casinos, there are three key games in energy: reliability, capacity and savings

Every gaming house needs to count on the right energy being generated 24×7, 365 days a year to power their revenues and their profits. That means on-going reliability, low operating costs and a power distribution system which provides the capacity promised by every rated transformer in its system. Computer loaded transformers however can suffer from damaging 3rd harmonic currents which when active cause excess heat waste electricity and diminish transformer capacity which raise operating costs. To counter this, many casinos across the country have installed Harmonic Limited’s  Harmonic Suppression System patented technology (HSS) in either new installations or onto currently operating units. Both the TransMax, for new installations, and the SysteMax, for existing PDU’s, actually prevent the 3rd harmonic from occurring,  thereby enabling the transformers to run at full rated capacity at low temperatures and reduced energy levels. Thus the reliability of the energy and the system needed is increased.

On an annual basis HSS saves from 4% to 8% of energy costs for the life of every transformer to which it is embedded or applied and delivers a quickly realized and unusually attractive ROI. As awareness and recognition of the HSS technology have grown, numerous casinos have adopted it and are now realizing reduced operating costs. Among these are the Stations Casino (NV), Chickasaw Casino (OK), Foxwoods Casino (CT) and Snoqualmie Casino (WA).

Save money for yourselves and your tenants!

All companies are trying to save energy these days, whether for cost control reasons or for helping the cause of sustainability or, more likely, both. Whatever the motivations, if your clients are placing heavy computer demands on your power distribution system, then you need to look into HSS®, the Harmonics Limited patented Harmonic Suppression System, which reduces energy needs, saves money and lessens adverse carbon impact on the environment.

Computer demands create harmonic currents in transformers, including the 3rd harmonic current which takes up needed capacity, can build up an excess of heat, cause increased carbon emissions and waste money. HSS prevents this 3rd harmonic from forming at all so that the risk of heat build up is minimized, capacity returns to the full rating of the transformer and, most important of all, energy savings of 4% to 8% per year are realized for the life of the unit. This yields an attractive ROI whether one purchases a TransMax for new installations or a SysteMax for transformers already in operation.

For a perceptive commercial real estate firm like Jones Lang LaSalle of New York, being able to help clients and potential clients save significant energy costs every year is a true competitive advantage, especially while contributing to our country’s environmental well being.

Save energy, reduce costs, increase sustainability!

As budgets shrink and the demand for “green technology” expands, both the states and the federal government  have sought new ways of extending available funds and employing them in an environmentally favorable way. Harmonics Limited’s patented HSS® technology makes these objectives attainable! The following government organizations have already adopted this technology: Fort Polk (LA),  Dallas Police Department (TX), Vermont National Guard (VT), FDNY (NYC) and multiple facilities in the State of California.

Much of government’s non-human operating costs go to servicing the computers, largely in data centers, which enable government programs to run and be effective. These computers, which are non-linear loads, must run 24×7 for much of the year, and they create harmonic currents including the 3rd harmonic which can cause severe, long term damage: lost capacity, excess heat, increased energy requirements and more carbon emissions. The extra energy required also means it costs more to run each computer.

HL’s Harmonic Suppression System can be deployed in new projects with the use of a TransMax transformer, with the HSS already integrated, or, through the application of a SysteMax which can be added to any transformer already in operation. The HSS will restore system capacity, reduce the risk of excess heat, lower the energy demanded and save from 4% to 8% of energy costs annually for the life of the transformer. When one also realizes that a smaller carbon footprint ensues and that the initial cost of the technology is recovered quickly (a quick and compelling ROI result), the Harmonics Limited products become the preferred way to drive today’s power distribution units.

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