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Harmonics Limited (HL) was formed in the early 1990s to develop, manufacture and market patented Harmonic Suppression Technology which is designed to eliminate the damage on power distribution systems caused by 3rd harmonic current generated by heavy computer and electronic device demands.

Most recently, in January of 2015, HL was acquired by Jefferson Electric Corporation (www.jeffersonelectric.com).

Today, HL is positioned to help clients take advantage of the growing worldwide demand for increased energy efficiency and savings and to address international sensitivity to environmental concerns. In terms of power distribution, this manifests itself through the use of less energy resulting in lower carbon emissions and a cleaner environment.  HSS enables organizations to realize sustainable operating savings for the life of their transformers and obtain a position in the mainstream of the Green Movement.

Harmonics Limited has a broad base of thousands of installed systems in continuous operation throughout the United States. These systems run 24/7 delivering quality power reliably and cost effectively. HSS technology has helped a wide variety of projects in numerous industries significantly recoup wasted system electrical capacity, save thousands of dollars through reduced energy and air conditioning costs, and contributed to the greening of all those communities where HSS is in use. They may also contribute to LEED points.

Harmonics Limited is headquartered in Franklin, WI, with a Technology and Product Demonstration Center in the Jefferson facility in in Pharr, Texas.  The Company sells its products principally through a network of independent sales representatives, located throughout the U.S.  There is a sales office in Pittsburgh, PA.  HL has International Representation in Dubai, UAE.

Growing acceptance of the HSS technology is attested to by the caliber of the companies and breadth of the industries employing it. A client list by market segment may be found on this page. Increasingly, consulting and design engineers, commercial architects, building owners and managers are taking advantage of the opportunity to save money and reduce carbon emissions through use of the SysteMax® on existing power distribution systems and with the TransMax® on new installations

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